The best gamepad games for PC and smartphone support for Android

How nice to spend an hour / two, or even half a day playing the game! In order for it to drag on, the world must embrace and certainly be more colorful than the usual reality. Each person has their own preferences in games: some can immerse themselves in quests, solving riddles and imagining themselves as Sherlock Holmes, others love simulators, and still others can fight dragons.

Fortunately, there are a lot of games, and no matter what genre your favorite is, you will always find a cool toy, including for the gamepad. Speaking of the gamepad, it’s a great tool to have fun with. But unfortunately, not all games are suitable for it.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with bright action games, shooters and other genres of games available for the gamepad. The list includes 10 games – it seems like a lot, what do you think? Read the descriptions and choose.

10. Mortal Kombat 11

Release year: 2019
Genre: fighting game

fans Mortal Kombat 11 ready to discuss the universe of this game for days. Most likely, after the launch, such a desire will visit you! The prevailing gloomy picture becomes the determining factor in choosing a game. The plot of Mortal Kombat 11 is even cooler than in the previous parts – it uses timelines and the butterfly effect.

The story continues after Cassie Cage’s crushing victory over the renegade god Shinnok. Now his head adorns the walls of the temple where Liu Kang and Kitana reign. A new battle is coming, the goddess of time Kronika wants to rewrite history, noticing mistakes in it, but can she turn back time?

nine. Grand Theft Auto V

Release year: 2013
Genre: action adventure

Beautiful beaches where you can bask in the sun, cool guys, wealth – this is what many associate the game with Grand Theft Auto V, but it actually has even more interesting things! This game has incomparable graphics, a lot of easter eggs and beautiful places in which you voluntarily / unwittingly want to be.

We all know what the next game in the series is about: you go through missions, get money, buy cars, real estate, etc. As you progress, you feel omnipotent and as if the laws are not for you. By the way, this is one of the most popular action games in the open world and one of the most popular games in history.

Interesting fact: sometimes in the Vinewood mansions, the girls swim topless in the pool. If you start taking pictures of them on your mobile, their guys will come running and attack you.

8. DOOM Eternal

Release year: 2020
Genre: first person shooter

For many gamers DOOM Eternal became the standard shooter. There is nothing to distract the player from the process. The game released in 2020 is a direct sequel to the game released in 2016. After the Martian station was cleared of demonic creatures, disturbing news came from Earth …

Mankind turned out to be unable to resist the forces of evil, and our protagonist is the only one who can save the planet from the invaders. Actually, this is the main plot. The gameplay for the most part retained the mechanics and developments of the previous version. As before, the player’s task is to deal with adversaries and protect themselves.

7. Dark Souls

Release year: 2011
Genre: action, RPG

This game, perhaps, is not for everyone, for an amateur. It is complex, interesting, and what is good – it has training. Dark Souls does not give any hints, you can easily die at the very beginning, so you have to start over many times. You need to get used to the game, go through the locations slowly and carefully, studying where the enemies attack from.

Dark Souls enchants with its world, atmosphere, even though it is terribly gloomy. For 2011, the graphics are great! Lordran is already waiting for the player, having prepared for him a lot of dungeons, secrets, an abundance of passages … Each passage of this action will surprise you with its facets and unexpected trials.

6. FIFA 21

Release year: 2020
Genre: sport

Sports fans will definitely appreciate this game. The player is waiting for exciting football matches: both on the streets and in stadiums, tournaments and a sea of ​​emotions! FIFA 21 is constantly being improved, for example, there are positive changes in the “career” mode. From the point of view of the players, the VOLTA mode deserves attention – playing on mini-football fields.

In terms of graphics, nothing has changed in the game, because the engine has remained the same. You can choose a team or team. Compared to previous versions, the growth of a football player was excluded. A big plus of the game is a quick search for an opponent, and there is also a “professional clubs” mode where you can create a player and play with friends on the same team.

five. Metro Exodus

Release year: 2019
Genre: first person shooter, stealth, horror

As soon as the game just came out, as avid gamers have already managed to pass it! Plot Metro Exodus based on Dmitry Glukhovsky’s book “Metro 2035”. This is a complex and ambiguous book, the events of which formed the basis of the game. Locations with picturesque taiga landscapes are especially attractive.

The game is not very dynamic, but, of course, since this is a shooter, there are enough shootings and evil mutants. But there are so many scenes and dialogues in Metro Exodus that the overall pace of the game is leisurely. There are not very many characters in the game, but they are always happy to talk. The open world game will appeal to all fans of the genre – it is a delight!

4. Cyberpunk 2077

Release year: 2020
Genre: cyberpunk

If you want to entertain yourself, you can play Cyberpunk 2077released in 2020. According to the plot, you arrive in Night City and do not notice how one part of the game is already ending, the second is beginning, and very quickly approaching the finale. The game is not long, so it will be a pity to part with it (just get involved, and it will already end).

The open world in the game provides side quests that can be completed. What is interesting – for those harmful gamers who find it difficult to run from one location to another, there is a special button, by clicking on which you find yourself in the right place. But it is unlikely that you will be able to miss a trip to Night City – there are such beautiful views here, you will want to admire it!

Interesting fact: this game has an image of Keanu Reeves – a kind of feature to attract players. Recently, it has become popular to attract celebrities to games. In addition, in the English version, the actor translated his character.

3. Batman: Arkham

Release year: 2015
Genre: action adventure

Weaknesses in the game Batman: Arkham there are, but they are so insignificant that you do not pay attention to them. The game is a pleasure to pass: even such simple actions as exploring the city and scattering bandits during the battles are exciting! The coolest villain here is Deathstroke, it takes a long time to defeat him.

The interface of the game is as convenient as possible, nothing more. Everything is done so that the gamer passes it with joy. The plot is quite simple, but it’s not like the movie. The Joker, disguised as a Black Mask, gave 8 killers a contract for wealth and fame, but for Christmas night you need to end Batman … Will the plan happen?

2. Nioh

Release year: 2017
Genre: action, RPG

Gamers are advised to be careful about the game Nioh. In their opinion, it is capable of “breaking” the psyche. The game was created in the style of ancient samurai, it has a fun presentation and an interesting plot. The game combines not only classic elements such as supernatural creatures and samurai, but also offers an incredible atmosphere!

To win is yours in Nioh, you need to be patient, carefully studying the strengths of your enemies. It doesn’t matter who it is: demons or humans. The main thing is to find vulnerabilities in them and use it. The action has absorbed the features of such games as Ninja Gaiden, Diablo, etc.

one. call of duty

Release year: 2003
Genre: first person shooter

call of duty is a first-person action game. The game is a very complex, almost “girlish” character. According to gamers, the game of 2003 is the best. Suitable for those who like to kill. The missions in it are varied, the screen is not doused with “ketchup”. Even with the passage of several times, interest is not lost.

The first Call of Duty game became the benchmark for shooters. The theme is war. There are many weapons, missions. It catches many gamers precisely with the opportunity to fight, albeit virtually, to become a participant in the war or a witness. Despite the abundance of modern games, many still choose Call of Duty – very atmospheric.