the best and most popular budget washing models

Robot vacuum cleaners with the option of wet cleaning perform several tasks at once: they remove dust, larger dirt, wipe the floor and polish it. Many of the models on the market are not able to replace washing floors by hand, but they allow you to carry out general cleaning less frequently. The most powerful devices even surpass manual washing, they wash old stains the first time.

The rating of robotic vacuum cleaners with wet cleaning will help you compare the advantages and disadvantages of popular models. Thanks to the list, it is much easier to determine which device to choose.

10. Tefal X-Plorer Serie 50 RG7387WH

Price: from 22 999 rubles

A vacuum cleaner Tefal X-Plorer Serie 50 RG7387WH from a famous brand provides dry and wet cleaning. Clear control takes place using a remote control or smartphone. The program allows you to choose from 3 cleaning modes depending on the pollution of the room.


  • good power, sucks up even large particles of debris;
  • the turbo brush cleans the floor well during wet cleaning;
  • ease of use – no extra features.


  • quite noisy – 67 dB;
  • not the best quality plastic;
  • does not drive well on tiles;
  • For fans of advanced cleaning, the control functions may not be enough.

nine. Midea M7 Pro

Price: from 26 000 rubles

Powerful Midea M7 Pro at 4,000 Pa, it does an excellent job of sucking up dry dirt and dust, as well as washing floors with a vibrating brush. The latter scrubs even dried-on stains from resistant products such as coffee. At the same time, for everyday wet cleaning, the device is ineffective – wiping with a napkin only smears the dirt. Its humidity is often not enough to wet the floor.


  • very powerful;
  • charge at maximum power is enough for 80 minutes;
  • vibrating brush washes dirt well.


  • you cannot manually merge rooms on the cleaning map;
  • does not recognize carpets well.

8. Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900

Price: from 20 400 rubles

Pretty Reliable Robot Vacuum Cleaner Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 with good power. The battery charge is enough to clean the entire apartment. At the same time, you should not expect miracles from the device – it sucks up small particles of debris on a flat floor well, refreshes the coating. Get rid of serious pollution with this model will not work.


  • removes fine dust;
  • suitable for daily preventive wiping of floors;
  • relatively good power – 1500 Pa.


  • you can not merge rooms on the map created by the robot;
  • inconvenient editing of virtual walls in the application, there are failures;
  • does not collect large debris such as seeds, crumbs, etc. at once

7. iCLEBO O5 WiFi

Price: from 42 900 rubles

The powerful model from the South Korean manufacturer has a special shape. It is designed to improve cleaning in the corners of the premises. Although the vacuum cleaner iCLEBO O5 WiFi really good at sweeping corners in comparison with other samples, he can’t remove all the dirt from there.

The washing functions of the vacuum cleaner are also far from ideal. The device does not supply water to the microfiber nozzle, it must be moistened manually. Because of this, the model does not even cope well with refreshing the flooring.


  • powerful suction power of any dirt;
  • improved shape, thanks to which it cleans corners better than others.


  • practically useless function of wet cleaning;
  • perceptibly crashes into objects when moving.


Price: from 24 990 rubles

PANDA EVO of the simplest models, which implements both dry and wet cleaning. The device sucks up fine dust, sand, grains, as well as pet hair. The low noise level in low power mode allows you to start the robot even with pets. Wet cleaning occurs by supplying water to a microfiber cloth. The volume of the container is enough to wipe the floors in 2-3 small rooms.


  • remote control or smartphone;
  • good power of 2150 Pa;
  • does a good job of maintaining wet cleaning.


  • 180 ml water tank;
  • does not drive on carpets;
  • switched off periodically.

five. Roborock S7

Price: from 48 990 rubles

Model Roborock S7 premium class, characterized by high rates of dry cleaning of both hard surfaces and carpets. In addition, you can purchase a self-cleaning station that also charges the device. Unlike many other models, it uses reusable containers instead of replaceable bags.

Wet cleaning by a robot is also on top. To do this, he has a high-quality microfiber cloth, several levels of vibration that imitates scraping movements.


  • thorough dry and wet cleaning;
  • the ability to regulate the supply of water to the room;
  • reliable lifting mechanism of the washing plate when driving on the carpet.


  • quite heavy – 4.7 kg;
  • There are no spare parts or accessories included.

4. Viomi Cleaning Robot V3

Price: from 41 840 rubles

Another premium device, featuring high-quality wet cleaning. The device is convenient in that dry and wet cleaning of the floor can be carried out both separately and together. Viomi Cleaning Robot V3 it is supplied with 3 removable rather volume containers.

Another feature is cleaning modes. One allows you to quickly clean the house of dust, and the second conducts a thorough cleaning of the floor with disinfection.


  • 550 ml dust and water containers, combined container with 200 ml water tank and 300 ml dust collector;
  • effective cleaning modes;
  • power 2500 Pa.


  • not the best quality carpet cleaning;
  • the brush attaches to itself wool, hair, it is poorly cleaned.

3. Philips FC8796/01 SmartPro Easy

Price: from 13 590 rubles

Budget robot vacuum cleaner Philips FC8796/01 SmartPro Easy from an eminent brand immediately attracts attention with its close-to-square shape. It allows you to effectively clean the corners of the room. Also, the device is distinguished by good indicators of wet cleaning. A rag attached to the bottom can polish the floor or wipe it with water, removing unstable dirt.


  • good for keeping clean;
  • convenient location of the garbage container;
  • operating time without recharging – 115 minutes.


  • low suction power – 600 Pa;
  • does not work well on carpets;
  • Not the best quality plastic case.

2. Bist Tornado

Price: from 24 900 rubles

Bist Tornado provides high quality cleaning: both dry and wet. To do this, it has a high suction power, 4 long brushes, a soft microfiber cloth.

The device has 5 cleaning modes for a variety of situations. With standard cleaning, the vacuum cleaner moves in a zigzag, Turbo is designed for powerful cleaning of any floor surfaces, Wall Follow Bist Tornado cleans the room around the perimeter, Spot cleans small areas of the floor, Full go is designed for a very dirty apartment.


  • capacious dust collector with a volume of 900 ml and a container for wet cleaning of 600 ml;
  • 2 modes of water supply;
  • cleans corners with 4 brushes.


  • The kit does not include a water tank;
  • cannot be controlled from a smartphone.

one. Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P

Price: from 30 999 rubles

Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P performs high-quality dry and wet cleaning of floors. The difference between the model and other samples is the ability to combine both modes. Thanks to this feature, the device will clean up the house much faster.

The vacuum cleaner is controlled through the application. There you can choose 1 of 3 cleaning modes for each type (dry and wet).


  • copes well with fine dirt;
  • several operating modes.


  • before washing the floors, you need to install the appropriate nozzle, and after removing it, you will not be able to schedule this program;
  • does not remove all large debris (cereals, sand);
  • does not recognize small toys, wires, etc.