rating of manual steam vacuum cleaners Karcher, Kitfort and others for 2022

More and more people support innovative devices that make life easier. Not so long ago, for example, a robot vacuum cleaner was considered a luxury, but today it is in almost every home. Once upon a time, a steam cleaner was a rare specimen in homes, and now hostesses share the advantages of this device with each other on the forums, which makes them want to buy it.

An important question is, what tasks does a steam cleaner cope with? In fact, very many! They can clean the refrigerator, stove, oven, hood, faucets and even upholstered furniture! And the list doesn’t end there. Opinions on the account of the steam cleaner are divided, some believe that there is a lot of fuss with it.

Nevertheless, there is another category of people – some want to try a steam cleaner out of interest, others buy it as a gift, others believe that it will make life easier. Whatever your goal, we invite you to check out our list of the best steam cleaners for your home for 2022.

10. Grand Master GM VSC38

Price: 3 690 r.

“Small and daring,” said one of the owners Grand Master GM VSC38 from the website where I bought the steam cleaner. This handheld steam cleaner is equipped with a variety of attachments to help you get rid of dirt in hard-to-reach places.

The device has a small weight: 1.85 kg, a 250 ml tank and a rated power of 900 watts. With this steam cleaner, you won’t have to clean with chemicals. Hot steam is responsible for high-quality cleaning.


  • comfortable;
  • compact;
  • qualitative;
  • cleans well.


  • small volume of liquid (170 ml);
  • does not clean perfectly.

nine. KARCHER SC 2 EasyFix

Price: 13 290 rubles

This bright stylish handsome effectively cleans surfaces from heavy dirt. He does this with the help of a jet of steam heated to a very high temperature. Via KARCHER SC 2 EasyFix You can clean any room, not just the house.

Thanks to the nozzle, even narrow areas and lattice-shaped objects can be penetrated. It can be a battery or blinds. Also KARCHER SC 2 EasyFix will help you get rid of ticks, various bacteria that often live in upholstered furniture.


  • quality;
  • comfortable nozzles;
  • compact;
  • light (2.9 kg).


  • small tank volume;
  • expensive branded accessories.

8. Xiaomi Deerma DEM-ZQ610

Price: $9,999

Of course, I want to have reliable helpers at home, with whom much less time will be spent on cleaning. As an assistant, you can choose Xiaomi Deerma DEM-ZQ610 – a steam cleaner that destroys 99.9% of bacteria at 150 degrees!

The most ordinary water will become a means to fight bacteria, it is enough to pour it into the device. Xiaomi Deerma DEM-ZQ610 instantly removes dirt and grease. With a bottle top design on the body, the mop easily crawls under the bed, chest of drawers, sofa, etc.


  • a light weight;
  • price;
  • long cord;
  • power;
  • 5 nozzles.


  • it is difficult to find replacement nozzles on sale;
  • low steam supply;
  • sometimes water leaks.

7. Bissell 2234N

Price: 23 990 rub.

Vertical steam cleaner Bissell 2234N with a removable control module and maneuverable interchangeable nozzles in the kit – an excellent option as a cleaning assistant around the house. The model instantly turns from a steam mop into a handheld steam cleaner, and it is convenient for them to clean even in hard-to-reach places.

A steam cleaner can clean almost the entire house: floor coverings, windows, plumbing. The kit includes a lot of nozzles that help in cleaning. Thanks to the powerful steam flow, you can get rid of 99.9% of germs and remove dirt without much difficulty.


  • quality;
  • washes the floor well;
  • compact;
  • comfortable to hold in hand.


  • very small nozzles;
  • not enough power.


Price: 10 630 rubles

If your goal is to clean up your home, pay attention to the steam cleaner KARCHER SC 1who will do it without difficulty! It is very compact and comes with a complete floor cleaning kit. Thanks to a powerful steam jet, you can restore perfect cleanliness and destroy bacteria.

Due to the small size of the device, cleaning the house becomes an easy task. KARCHER SC 1 takes up little space and can be stored in the place where the cleaning took place. Usually with its help they clean tiles, plumbing, hoods and hard-to-reach places.


  • perfectly cleans surfaces;
  • comfortable nozzle;
  • sufficient level of steam for the house;
  • versatility.


  • cord length;
  • the cleaning process is slow;
  • you have to keep your hands away from the steam.

five. M.I.E. Forever Clean

Price: 5 490 r.

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what and how best to wash the apartment from various contaminants. And this is where a powerful tool comes in. M.I.E. Forever Clean – a steam cleaner that cleans quickly and easily.

The advantages of this model, according to the hostesses, are obvious: it is versatility (it can be used to clean any surfaces), compactness, thoughtful design and the presence of indicators of readiness for steam supply and lack of water in the tank.


  • price;
  • pressure;
  • the possibility of using with detergent;
  • the steam button is conveniently located;
  • easy.


  • incomprehensible design;
  • short cord.

4. M.I.E Juno

Price: 13 890 rub.

Steam cleaner M.I.E Juno heats up quickly, the tank has a large volume for water. It is very light and handy for tiles, crevices, battery blowing where dirt accumulates. The main weapon of MIE Juno in the fight for cleanliness is hot steam supplied with a pressure of 4 bar with a capacity of 42 g/min.

For high-quality cleaning of the floor from dust and dirt, a nozzle is provided in the design. Due to the tubes, cleaning can be carried out even in hard-to-reach places! The steam cleaner is great at killing germs and bacteria. The device has a large number of nozzles that will be useful in work.


  • powerful jet of steam;
  • powerful;
  • compact;
  • large volume of the tank;
  • cleans even old dirt.


  • no rack for hangers;
  • drips at the beginning of use.

3. Kitfort KT-908

Price: 7 590 r.

Since the steam cleaner Kitfort KT-908 is in the top lists and receives a lot of positive reviews, it would be right to put it on our list. This model impresses in all respects: the steam supply is uniform, several nozzles are included in the kit, the model is equipped with a safety system against overheating.

Most importantly, the steam cleaner cleans the surface well from dirt. It is easy to use – before starting, just pour water into the neck, press the button, and it will start to warm up. Works great on dirt, grease and more. There are functions for steaming clothes, washing floors and cleaning windows.


  • different functions;
  • small brushes can be stored inside the machine;
  • price;
  • easy to move around the house;
  • a lot of baits.


  • the handle rubs a little;
  • when heated, there is a smell of plastic.

2. Kitfort KT-917

Price: 9 590 rub.

High quality and powerful steam cleaner Kitfort KT-917 convenient to use. The oven, microwave, stove will be washed quickly and without difficulty. If you need to clean windows, a steam cleaner will do the job!

If you plan to steam the bed linen on the bed, then it is better to do it in the morning so that it has time to dry by the evening. Kitfort KT-917 has a high power: 1500 W, and creates a high steam pressure of 3.5 bar. The kit includes an impressive number of nozzles with which you can wash the floor, clean the carpet, etc.


  • qualitative;
  • powerful;
  • design;
  • comfortable in using;
  • multifunctional.


  • flimsy fastening of small nozzles;
  • does not remove limescale without chemicals;
  • to work, you need to constantly hold the button on the gun.

one. Bort BDR-2500-RR

Price: 27 690 rubles

Cleaning an apartment is a troublesome process, but when there is a reliable assistant, there is nothing to be afraid of! FROM Bort BDR-2500-RR you can delicately care for clothes and textiles. A steam cleaner will become an indispensable assistant where there are allergy sufferers.

Thanks to the pressure of 4 Bars, Bort BDR-2500-RR perfectly cleans various surfaces, disinfects them, and all this is done using ordinary water. The package includes a measuring cup, elongated tubes, terry napkin holders: one for clothes, the other for the power cord.


  • washes well;
  • universality;
  • copes with curtains;
  • quality;
  • steam power.


  • no adjustment of the steam power supply;
  • slightly weak jet;
  • nylon brushes (quickly become unusable).