rating of excellent tourist models for 2022

Mountain bikes are the most suitable option for those who like to ride off-road or along the village streets. For cross-country driving, such models have a reinforced structure, front and rear shock absorption, and a special form of landing. They are also less demanding in terms of maintenance: often problems that have arisen can be fixed on your own right during the bike trip.

When choosing a bike, it is better to give preference to leading manufacturers. They use well-proven designs and materials. A ranking of 10 branded mountain bikes will help you make the right choice in 2022.

10. Cronus Soldier 2.5

Price: from 38 900 rubles

The folding mountain bike is designed to travel the most remote roads. It is easy to transport it in the trunk of a car, and then quickly assemble it and go on a bike ride. For ease of transportation, the frame of the model is lightened: an aluminum alloy was used for it. Strengthen the design of special reinforcing elements.


  • oil-spring fork effectively smooths out road bumps;
  • reliable disc hydraulic brakes;
  • 27 speeds – 3 forward and 9 reverse.


  • only suitable for amateur and semi-professional driving;
  • when hydraulic brakes break down, it is quite difficult to repair them in the field.

nine. Author Classic

Price: from 22 200 rubles

Hybrid bicycle belonging to the amateur class. It will be able to drive on unpaved forest roads, asphalt. The model is equipped with a front fragrance that reduces the sensitivity of shallow pits, small pebbles. The dual-compound tires mounted on the wheels provide good rolling performance on both hard and more viscous road surfaces.


  • universal model for the city and suburbs;
  • budget mountain bike
  • spring-elastomeric fork softens bumps well.


  • for riding in park, urban conditions, on rural roads;
  • disc mechanical brake cable must be kept clean;
  • spring-elastomer fork needs care.

8. Stels Navigator 500 V26

Price: from 14 590 rubles

The budget version of a mountain bike is able to drive on a knurled dirt road, asphalt; 21 speed is great for cycling through the parks.


  • wide pedals;
  • strong steel frame;
  • rim brake system does not weigh down the bike, easy to maintain.


  • mostly suitable for driving on park paths, asphalt;
  • fork with a stroke of 60 mm minimizes the sensitivity from road irregularities;
  • over time, it is necessary to replace the spring-elastomer fork;
  • low steering wheel.

7. Forward Apache 2.0 Disc

Price: from 20 000 rubles

A bike with entry-level amateur equipment is suitable for riding on easy rough terrain, city streets and parks. The model is also distinguished by a light but reliable design made of aluminum alloy.


  • weight – 15 kg;
  • CST C1918, 29×2.1″ tires provide stability and good grip;
  • high-quality disc mechanical brakes;
  • suitable for speed riding.


  • weak suspension fork;
  • low-quality plastic pedals;
  • unreliable fastening of wings;
  • fuzzy shifting forward gears.

6. Merida Big Nine 300

Price: from 63 960 rubles

A hardtail bike with amateur and pre-professional equipment is designed for active cross-country riding. For a flawless ride on rough terrain, the model is equipped with an air fork with a stroke of 100 mm, hydraulic disc brakes.


  • light – weight 13.24 kg;
  • withstands a rider up to 130 kg;
  • Shimano Deore derailleurs work quickly and accurately;
  • wheels provide an optimal balance between traction and acceleration;


  • plastic pedals;
  • before the first trip, it is required to change the factory oils.

five. Giant Tempt 27.52

Price: from 69 000 rubles

Women’s mountain bike with amateur and pre-professional equipment is designed for cross-country riding. The model is equipped with disc hydraulic brakes and the best in its kind fork – oil-spring. The aluminum alloy body reduces the weight of the product.


  • lightness – 12.6 kg;
  • oil-spring fork with a stroke of 100 mm;
  • 30 speeds allow you to vary the load depending on the type of track;
  • user weight – up to 130 kg;
  • comfortable women’s anatomical saddle with a vertical fit.


  • plastic pedals;
  • disc hydraulic brakes are demanding in maintenance and repair.

4. Giant Sedona DX

Price: from 48 690 rubles

A bike with a male frame is suitable for riding on rough terrain and smooth asphalt. A spring-loaded elastomer fork with 80mm of travel softens minor road imperfections in recreational riding.


  • durable aluminum frame;
  • wide tires provide stability, reliable grip with the road surface;
  • comfortable seat.


  • for recreational cycling only;
  • not the most reliable spring-elastomer fork.

3. Giant Rincon Disc

Price: from 42 000 rubles

An amateur mountain bike for those who are just starting to get acquainted with the style of cross-country. The lower cost is due to the use of initial equipment, a cheaper one – a spring-elastomer fork.


  • precise gear shifting;
  • quick reaction of the brake system;
  • fork travel – 100 mm;
  • disc hydraulic brakes.


  • hard seat;
  • maintenance of the spring-elastomer fork is necessary;
  • wings are not included.

2. Stels Pilot 950 MD 26 V010

Price: from 19 900 rubles

The budget mountain bike is designed for amateur walks around the city, park or rough terrain of medium difficulty. The aluminum frame is foldable for easy storage and transport. At the same time, the weight of the bike is quite large – 15.48 kg.


  • budget mountain bike
  • easy to set up and operate disc mechanical brakes;
  • strong frame;
  • locking mechanism to prevent accidental folding.


  • spring-elastomer fork with a stroke of 60 mm dampens poorly;
  • speed switches do not always work;
  • hard saddle not suitable for long rides;
  • Vibration may occur when braking.

one. Merida Juliet 6.20-MD

Price: from 32 170 rubles

An amateur mountain bike with a women’s frame performs well both on hard pavement and on more viscous dirt roads. A spring-loaded elastomer fork with 100mm of travel levels out bumps in the road. Disc mechanical brakes simplify the design and allow you to create a bike that is less demanding on maintenance. The design of the product is made of aluminum, so it combines strength and lightness.


  • front shock absorber effectively absorbs shocks;
  • disc mechanical brakes;
  • fork travel – 100 mm;
  • light model – 14.3 kg.


  • Wings not included
  • maintenance of the spring-elastomer fork is required.