rating of budget models for adults for 2022

It can be difficult for riders to choose a bike for walking – the variety of models and manufacturers is confusing. But you can be guided by the 2022 bike rating based on value for money.

Thanks to the ranked list, you will be able to choose a decent model, try yourself in a certain style of riding and avoid overpaying. The rating will help both lovers of quiet bike rides along city streets, and those who try themselves in extreme riding.


Price: from 27 800 rubles

Unlocks the mountain bike rating for cross-country and paved road riding ROMET ORKAN 4 M. Oil-spring fork, mid-range equipment from the manufacturer Shimano guarantee the safety of the structure even during extreme riding. Hydraulic disc brakes front and rear, while maintenance-intensive, provide crisp response when the levers are pressed.


  • reliable oil-spring fork;
  • speeds – 3 forward, 9 rear;
  • light – 14 kg.


  • overpriced;
  • hydraulic brakes need periodic maintenance;
  • hard seat.

nine. Salsa Timberjack XT

Price: from 80 000 rubles

A hardtail designed for riding on terrain with difficult obstacles: sharp ledges, tree roots, etc. The model is considered one of the best of its kind. This is largely due to the fact that on the manufacturer’s website you can choose the configuration that suits you – both in terms of configuration and cost.

For riding on paved roads Salsa Timberjack XT suits worse – wide stable wheels are inferior in speed. However, this feature is inherent in most professional grade hardtails.


  • durable aluminum frame;
  • wide opportunities for modernization;
  • Rock Shox 35 Gold RL air fork with 130mm of travel;


  • difficult to find on sale;
  • high mass.

8. FORWARD Sevilla

Price: from 16 570 rubles

City walking bike has a simple but reliable design. For a measured ride in a metropolis, it is equipped with everything you need. Folding mechanism Specialized Turbo Levo Comp makes it convenient to transport the product in public transport, and also saves storage space. A simple foot brake while riding around the city will seem to many more convenient than a manual one. In general, the model is designed to provide its owner with a pleasant ride without unnecessary worries about maintenance.

Later versions of the manufacturer supplied a hand brake and 6 speeds. However, in comparison with the first, the 3.0 model loses significantly.


  • easy to operate and repair;
  • foot brake for city riding is more convenient.


  • 1 speed – it will be quite difficult to drive up the hills;
  • no depreciation.

7. Specialized Turbo Levo Comp

Price: from 643 990 rubles

A professional electric trail bike is capable of conquering the most difficult trails with steep descents and climbs. This is facilitated by both the equipment and the geometry of the model. Saddle Specialized Turbo Levo Comp raised to make climbing easier, and the Specialzed 2.1 motor doubles the effort of the rider.


  • short feathers provide good maneuverability;
  • the motor control app allows you to personalize the bike;
  • Fox Float 36 Rythm fork with 160mm of travel;
  • powerful and smooth motor;
  • Specialized M2 battery.


  • there is no screen that would replace control from the phone;
  • heavy, which makes it difficult to stop the electric bike, especially when riding downhill;
  • With frequent riding, the pads and discs are quickly erased.

6. Dawstar Citybike S3B

Price: from 17 270 rubles

Dawstar Citybike S3B with a women’s frame in retro style, designed for leisurely bike rides around the city. To do this, it is equipped with everything you need: a bell is attached to the steering wheel, LEDs are located in front and behind, and a retractable stand is provided for parking. To make it comfortable for the rider to ride in rainy weather, fenders and chain guards are included.


  • frame geometry provides a comfortable fit;
  • the spring saddle softens the bumps in the road;
  • full equipment for driving around the city.


  • heavy construction – 16.5 kg;
  • cheap V-brakes that wear out the wheel rim quickly.

five. Cube Aim Pro

Price: from 49 500 rubles

Mountain bike Cube Aim Pro suitable for amateur level skiing on rough terrain of high difficulty. A spring-loaded elastomer fork with 100 mm of travel and the ability to adjust well hides bumps in the road. Hydraulic disc brakes respond quickly to shifting.


  • robust design with lightweight aluminum frame;
  • light weight – 14.4 kg;
  • The derailleur cables are inside the frame to keep dirt out of the cable jackets.


  • Fenders and footrest not included.

4. Ibis Ripmo V2 SLX

Price: from 400 000 rubles

trail bike Ibis Ripmo V2 SLX for riding on roads with medium difficulty terrain: not very sharp descents and slight ascents. Comfortable geometry of the bike, raised saddle reduce the efforts of the rider when riding uphill.

Another feature of the model is a high-quality carbon frame. It not only gives the product strength, but also absorbs vibration. This results in a soft and smooth ride.


  • FOX front and rear suspension forks with 160mm and 147mm travel, respectively;
  • versatility – for rough terrain and knurled roads;
  • quality equipment from Shimano.


  • not suitable for driving on difficult trails;
  • limited choice of bike design.

3. Romet Sonata 2.0

Price: from 26 700 rubles

Bike Romet Sonata 2.0 with a female frame from a Polish manufacturer, the style resembles the Dawstar Citybike S3B already reviewed. It’s also built for city street riding, with LED lighting, mudguards and a kickstand. At the same time, its technical characteristics are slightly better – the bike has good quality Shimano equipment.


  • does not require special maintenance;
  • has everything you need for a city bike to ride in any weather.


  • weight – 15.8 kg;
  • no aromatization.

2. Stinger Element

Price: from 18 000 rubles

Mountain bike line Stinger Element suitable for beginners skiing on country and city roads. The design of the bike is simple and reliable in operation.


  • smooth running;
  • 21 speed;
  • hydraulic fork and disc brakes.


  • narrow seat;
  • low-quality tires that wear out quickly;
  • weight – 20 kg.

one. Next Infiniti

Price: from 14 000 rubles

A budget mountain bike that offers beginner riders a low maintenance design. Thanks to this, you can concentrate on riding as much as possible – both in the city and on dirt roads. You should not expect special miracles from a bicycle, but its capabilities will be enough for most cycling enthusiasts.


  • disc mechanical brakes are simple and reliable;
  • Spring-elastomeric fork provides good cushioning.


  • narrow seat;
  • heavy steel frame;
  • low-quality tires – quickly erased.