comparison of the best models for 2022

A robot vacuum cleaner is a convenient device for keeping your home clean with minimal human intervention in the cleaning process. The manufacturer Xiaomi offers a wide range of different models. They differ not only in price, but also in functionality:

  • power and battery life;
  • types of cleaning – dry and (or) wet;
  • type of management;
  • noise level;
  • sensors for orientation in space;
  • the presence of specific functions, such as a timer, auto-cleaning, etc.

Based on the price of devices, the declared characteristics and their real work, a rating of Xiaomi vacuum cleaners has been compiled. It will help to identify the advantages and disadvantages and purchase a suitable model.

10. Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner CN

Price: from 21 990 rubles

Smart vacuum cleaner Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner CN for dry cleaning with laser sensors quickly and fairly accurately draws up a plan of the apartment. Thanks to this, the device cleans even the most secluded corners and rarely gets stuck in corners, near furniture, etc. 3 processors also contribute to this: they track the movement of the device in real time, determine its location and correct the trajectory.


  • high suction power;
  • battery life without recharging 150 minutes;
  • low noise – 60 dB;
  • smartphone control.


  • plug adapter will have to be purchased separately;
  • gets stuck on long pile carpets;
  • does not clean well where there is a sharp height difference of 1 cm.

nine. Dreame L10 Pro Robot Vacuum

Price: from 33 800 rubles

Robot vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning Dreame L10 Pro Robot Vacuum equally well cleans any surface: linoleum, laminate, carpets. The brush of the appliance has an anti-tangle function, which makes it easier to care for, and it itself effectively cleans dirt from carpets.

Vacuuming involves 4 cleaning steps. First, the device collects dirt, then sucks it in, then vacuum cleaning and filtration of the outgoing air take place.


  • sensors accurately determine the movement of the robot vacuum cleaner;
  • high power;
  • quite quiet – 65 dB.


  • malfunctions are possible;
  • does not detect small objects – wires, small children’s toys, etc.;
  • there is no sensor to notify when the dust container is full.

8. Mijia Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner 1C

Price: from 15 590 rubles

Robot vacuum cleaner Mijia Sweeping Vacuum Cleaner 1C performs dry and wet cleaning. Optical sensors do a good job of building an apartment plan and calculating the trajectory of movement. The main advantage of these sensors, unlike more accurate lidars, is that they do not rise above the body of the device. Thanks to this, he is able to clean even the space under the furniture.


  • low body;
  • good power;
  • control via an application on a smartphone;
  • the brush does not get tangled in the carpet pile.


  • operating time without recharging – 90 minutes;
  • not the most accurate optical sensors;
  • wet cleaning will not replace hand washing or a more powerful appliance.

7. Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P

Price: from 16 100 rubles

Vacuum cleaner for dry, wet and combined cleaning Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P suitable for apartments up to 180 m². 12 high-precision sensors with lidar on top of the case are responsible for scanning the space and compiling a cleaning map.


  • clear management;
  • the set comes with an additional brush and a rag for wet cleaning;
  • Quite a long battery life without recharging – 110 minutes.


  • does not remove sticky stains even with wet cleaning, transports them over the entire surface;
  • low suction power.

6. Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S

Price: from 20 000 rubles

Dry Cleaning Robot Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 1S differs from other models with powerful wheels. They allow the device to overcome even high thresholds up to 2 cm. Otherwise, the device is similar to similar ones. The model is equipped with a laser sensor at the top, thanks to which it easily calculates the space, makes a map and chooses the most suitable trajectory. You can also manually select which areas to clean and which to bypass.


  • low noise level – 55 dB;
  • battery life – 150 minutes;
  • capacious container for dust on 420 ml.


  • slows down control via smartphone;
  • comes with Chinese firmware.

five. EVE Plus

Price: from 35 490 rubles

The most powerful vacuum cleaner from the Roidmi line can work up to 250 minutes without recharging. Over this time EVE Plus carries out dry and wet cleaning, sucking up even large debris like cereals and polishing the floor behind it.

A distinctive feature of the model is the recharging station, which prevents a person from contacting with dirt. After cleaning, the system places the collected dust in a special 3-liter bag, which must be replaced with a new one or cleaned.


  • saving up to 5 cards in the robot’s memory;
  • LCD display at the station;
  • the charging station sucks up the collected debris.


  • drives on carpets in the mode of mopping;
  • small dustbin.

4. Viomi Cleaning Robot V3

Price: from 29 325 rubles

Robot vacuum cleaner Viomi Cleaning Robot V3 Designed for dry and wet cleaning of all surfaces. Its massive wheels allow you to overcome obstacles up to 2 cm high.

The volumetric water and dust tank is enough for 3.5 cleanings of an apartment with an area of ​​about 65 . At the same time, during wet cleaning, the water consumption is adjusted depending on the mode.


  • battery life – 170 minutes;
  • 550 ml dust and water container;
  • builds a good trajectory.


  • the application for controlling the device may fail;
  • does not support Russian.

3. MiJia Sweeping Robot G1

Price: from 13 500 rubles

Model MiJia Sweeping Robot G1 designed for dry and wet cleaning of premises. Easily copes with dust, medium-sized debris and pet hair. In this case, you can choose 1 of 4 power modes. Infrared sensors do a good job of building a map and creating a house cleaning plan. However, each time you change the position of the dock, you will have to reconfigure the maps.


  • noise at maximum power – 65 dB;
  • customizable power.


  • a small container for water with a volume of 0.2 l;
  • short battery life – 90 minutes;
  • suction power – 25 watts.

2. Mi Robot Vacuum Mop

Price: from 24 999 rubles

The wet and dry floor cleaner is suitable for carpets and hard floors. At the same time, it performs best on the latter. A vacuum cleaner Mi Robot Vacuum Mop effectively sucks up even small dust particles. It also thoroughly cleans surfaces from fresh stains – thanks to pressure cleaning.


  • good battery life – 110 minutes;
  • capacious dust container – 550 ml;
  • accurately builds maps, does not ignore dark surfaces.


  • does not support Russian;
  • poor quality carpet cleaning.

one. Dreame D9

Price: from 23 990 rubles

Model Dream D9 perfectly cleans not only hard, but also carpets. When driving on a hairy surface, the device automatically increases the suction pressure, thereby increasing the cleaning efficiency. In this case, the maximum power of the device is 3000 Pa. Despite this, the sound during the operation of the vacuum cleaner is small – this is facilitated by the built-in noise suppressors.


  • the battery works without recharging for 150 minutes;
  • 4 cleaning modes, 1 of which is silent;
  • convenient mobile application in Russian;
  • the volume of the dust tank is 570 ml.


  • wet cleaning will not replace manual cleaning;
  • not the best quality lidar.