Best games for medium laptops: top 10

It happens that you really want to play, but the laptop is not sharpened for modern and powerful toys. Do not deny yourself such joy? Well, of course not! There are games for medium PCs and laptops with minimum requirements. And it doesn’t matter what genre: you can find both shooting games and quests, adventures…

We decided to include both new and old toys in the selection – by the way, some even like to play old toys more, they say, nostalgia, and the graphics are more interesting … Well, to each his own, as they say. Technology has come a long way, but many still have a lot of interest in games from 2000-2005.

In this collection you will find games that will greatly brighten up your leisure time. Sometimes you really want to immerse yourself in the virtual world … Just don’t linger there, spring is on the street! It’s time to take a long walk and enjoy the surrounding blooming world.

10. Portal 2

Release year: 2011
Genre: first person shooter, puzzle

“Excellent game!”, – a gamer’s review, which immediately catches the eye. Firstly, it is a powerful simulator for the brain (and such things are now in trend), and secondly, a kind of fantastic Universe where you need to unleash all your imagination.

A game Portal 2 includes 2 modes: single and cooperative. Using the given terrain, wall geometry and various devices for movement, bouncing and teleportation, you need to make your way to exit the level. Of course, you will have those who want to prevent this: traps, hunters and gravity …

nine. The Banner Saga

Release year: 2014
Genre: role-playing tactical

The Banner Saga attracts gamers of all stripes. This is a very interesting tactical game where you need to constantly make decisions, which contributes to mental development. The game is completely turn-based, over each action you can think an infinite number of times.

We find ourselves in a world that is approaching death with every minute … Everything is to blame – creatures called dredges (or rocks). They move in packs, killing everything in their path. They do not have speech, but they have a mind. These creatures are covered in armor, making combat very difficult.

For reference: The Banner Saga game consists of chapters, the gamer will have to alternately play for one squad, then for another.

8. Hydroneer

Release year: 2020
Genre: sandbox

This is a relatively new sandbox game that requires minimum requirements to run. The essence of the game is the extraction of resources: minerals, ores, gold. You start as a poor digger, or you can end up as a factory owner!

IN Hydroneer You won’t be able to mindlessly dig the ground – here you need to think. Evaluate the soil and develop a mining plan … Only in this way you will start to make a profit – no one will do the work for you. And if you want to escape from routine affairs, you can take a walk around the area, go fishing, look at something interesting.

7. Bioshock 2

Release year: 2016
Genre: action

Take an unforgettable journey into the world Bioshock 2 – an underwater city. The action begins in 1958 – a couple of years before the events of Bioshock. The first thing we see in front of us is the exit from the network of tunnels through which the little sisters move. Everything that happens afterwards is frightening, but let’s not break the spirit of intrigue …

Echoes of past sins resound in the streets of Rapture. Along the Atlantic coast, the monster drags the girls into the underwater kingdom. Players will take on the role of Big Daddy, who is chasing an invisible enemy hiding in the ruins in search of answers…

6. Battlefield 4

Release year: 2013
Genre: single player, multiplayer game

Is it worth the game Battlefield 4 attention? According to the reviews of gamers, this is the best shooter on the theme of modern warfare. What you pay attention to from the first minutes of launch is gorgeous sounds. The echo from each shot, the explosion, the sound of bullets is heard as realistic as possible.

There is nothing special to say about the plot – it is standard for this genre. The Chinese and Russians attack the noble Americans – what a mess! It is worth noting that the game is short and it has amazing graphics. What is very captivating is destructibility.

For reference: players note spacious locations and a variety of detours, which is very convenient. That is, you can bypass the enemy at will.

five. Blackthorn Arena

Release year: 2020
Genre: role-playing, strategy

Blackthorn Arena is a role-playing sandbox. You will find yourself in a fantasy world where you will meet face to face with mythical creatures and different races. Your goal is to make gladiators out of slaves who will fight for their master.

The game takes place in the Freelands, made up of city-states and trading settlements. Slavery here has not yet been canceled … In the game Blackthorn Arena you will try yourself in the role of Blackthorn – the new owner of the arena, which you inherited. Will you be able to return the family to its former status of greatness?

4. Need for Russia 2

Release year: 2008
Genre: arcade, racing

There are not so many games that reflect something Russian, Need for Russia 2 – one of those games in which there is Russian technology, namely Russian cars. The game is outdated for today, but if you do not look at the graphics, it deserves attention.

Need for Russia 2 is a Polish product. First, you start to compete with weak players – you need to upgrade your car! After pumped “Zaporozhets” can compete with “Moskvich” and “Zhiguli”. Panoramas of the city at night are not for everyone here, in games landscapes have long been filled with interesting buildings.

3. Assassin’s Creed 3

Release year: 2012
Genre: stealth, action

Another game with minimum requirements is called Assassin’s Creed 3. Most of the storyline affects the second half of the 18th century, but periodically Desmond finds himself in “our days” to return the power units for the temple.

Players feel that the world in Assassin’s Creed 3 has expanded. However, the main character Radunhageydu is not the most interesting. Playing as a father in the beginning is much more interesting. The game is perfectly complemented by a variety of animals and, of course, boats! It is worth noting that in the new part of the assassins have finally learned to climb trees.


Release year: 2010
Genre: real time strategy

If you like real-time strategy, take a look at the game RUSE – it will help you pass the time and get a range of pleasant emotions in the process! What players love here is zooming for easy control, crazy physics and balanced nations.

In the strategy game RUSE, you will control the units that participated in World War II. The chip of the game can be called “tricks”, special abilities that can be activated in the course of action. These tricks can help you. For example, “radio silence” covers a certain square, and the enemy cannot see where our troops are moving.

one. Borderlands

Release year: 2009
Genre: shooter, first-person action

Borderlands is a cooperative shooter that can be completed both alone and in a team. The atmosphere of the game just fly away, especially worth paying tribute to the visual component of the game.

In Borderlands, you play as a mercenary based on the planet Pandora. There is only one rule – no rules! You have only one mission – to find a warehouse with powerful alien technology, and this warehouse has the name “Vault”. Will this be an easy task for you? Test your tactics and strength!