Best console retro games for PC, TV box and Android: top 10

Many players prefer console gaming. Such games are played on the game console (game console). The main advantage of the console is simplicity: just insert a disc, download the game and start it. Suitable for those who do not particularly want to bother with the features of the PC, as well as those who like to sit in front of TV for an hour or two in relaxation.

If you are looking for something that will warm your soul in your free time, you are in the right place! We decided to please you with a selection of console retro games that will pull you in and dilute the everyday hustle and bustle. Castlevania, Alladin, Contra… Already from these names, many feel warm at heart.

Let’s remember the favorite games that we launched on the console, as well as get acquainted with those that we have not heard anything about. All of them deserve attention!

10. RoboCop

Release year: 1988

Computer game RoboCop came out way back in 1988. In it, a robotic police officer takes to the streets to fight crime, which includes the fight against corruption. True, with his appearance, he is able to scare the hell out of him … But what if the grandmother from the next entrance is terribly scared ?!

This is a real rarity, the game is made in black and white style. By the way, a 1988 toy can be bought on ebay (it costs about 2000-3000 rubles). There are also more modern versions, the last part (RoboCop 3) is short, it has only 5 small levels. There are 3 bosses in the game: robot ED209 and ninja.

nine. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Release year: 1991

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1991 is a good game, but, according to the players, it is difficult. The combat system in the game is excellent, we can say that it is the only one that exists here. The action of the game is linear: there are no obstacles, labyrinths, but there are huge hordes of enemies. Playing with all the turtles is a pleasure!

Do not forget that each turtle has its own fighting style and various abilities, which makes the passage interesting. In the game, the plot is simple: someone wants to take over the whole world, and found a way to do this – he opened a portal through which 13 creatures will enter our world, and he will gain strength and immortality. Well, the turtles have to stop this mess.

8. The Lion King

Release year: 1994

This game, like the cartoon, is the most beloved for many, because the story of Simba cannot leave anyone indifferent. A game The Lion King repeats the story of the cartoon as much as possible, you will have to go all the way of growing up from a lion cub to a mighty lion. The graphics in the console game resemble watching a cartoon: all the details and characters are clearly drawn.

During the game, you will have to play not only for the brave Simba, but also for his friends: Timon and Pumbaa. When Simba grows up, he will begin to fight against the insidious Scar. At first, roaring is a key way to solve problems, but as it grows older, the lion cub learns to scratch and beat with its paw. Regardless of age, the character dies from a collision with a heavy cobblestone or when falling into a pit.

7. metal gear

Release year: 1984

old cult game metal gear looks modern even in 2022. The plot of the game is great. The controls are very reminiscent of Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater: the same “tank”, it’s not very convenient to aim, but this is not the main thing in the game … The plot and gameplay are much more important, but they are on top!

There are currently 5 games in total, they were created by the great Hideo Kojima. From the first minutes of the game, the gamer understands that this is not a soulless shooter, but a product of a wide scale. Here, the system of destroying enemies in a hidden mode, the use of various gadgets is actively used. What is even more pleasing is that there are a large number of Easter eggs in the game.

For reference: the retro game is a masterpiece, and Hideo Kojima is great. In the game, even the villains delight: each of them has a very interesting story that unfolds as you progress.

6. Mortal Kombat

Release year: 2011

Everyone who had a prefix knows firsthand about the game Mortal Kombat. At first, the emphasis was not placed on the plot, and then people began to wonder where the characters in the game are so different, unlike each other? In the old game, gamers did not know about it, but in the new one there is a walker with a plot, a free fight, and a test ladder …

This game is liked by people, regardless of gender. It has a lot of violence, but that doesn’t make it bad. If you want to throw out negative emotions, organize a fun pastime for yourself, then you will like Mortal Kombat. The game is popular in many countries, a lot has changed in the new part, but the characters have remained the same.

five. Contra

Release year: 1990

Contra in the 90s was a truly masterpiece game. Gamers were not even embarrassed by two-dimensional graphics. If we talk about the plot, this is an action-action game in which the character goes through the rounds with a machine gun, and as a bonus he gets ammo. The game can be played together, for this it is enough to have a second joystick.

Now Contra can be played by those who still have DENDY, or even from a PC. For many, the game causes nostalgia and leaves the most pleasant impressions. Of the main advantages: the plot and graphics. The graphics in it are very good, a lot of traced details. It is also worth saying that the game is difficult, and largely because of the bosses.

4. Castlevania

Release year: 1986

Castlevania is a rpg game with a set of simple actions. At first glance, this is an ordinary game, but labyrinths with many transitions make you reconsider your opinion. The game belongs to the RPG genre, and here you can upgrade characters non-linearly. The interior of the castle is very discreet and catchy with something.

Even the opponents here have been given a lot of attention: they are carefully thought out and well drawn. The exciting adventure that is in the game will be appreciated by almost all gamers! The plot is quite simple: the character goes to the castle to defeat Dracula himself. The castle has a lot of enemies, puzzles and items that help in the passage.

3. Felix the Cat

Release year: 1992

Once upon a time, when time passed slowly, many could sit for several hours without interruption with a joystick in their hands. Console game evokes nostalgia Felix the Cat about Felix the cat. His girlfriend was kidnapped and now she needs to be saved from a crazy doctor. Here you need to collect badges, earn bonuses, etc.

The game is very interesting – the plot makes you want not to throw it, but to pass. There are various bosses that need to be defeated with fist strikes. What is strange – it crawls out of the stomach! The game is moderately difficult, where the bosses are not repeated, and therefore everyone needs an individual approach.

For reference: Felix the Cat has several modes of movement: land, air, surface, underwater and space.

2. Alladin

Release year: 1994

A game Alladin came out in 1994, and it looks like an early 8-bit game. There are only 4 colors in the game and they are not very professionally used by the developers. The further the game goes, the more it resembles a psychedelic … The palace consists of black and pink colors – really frightening!

The original Alladin was released on the Nintendo handheld. After the creators realized the shortcomings, they certainly began to correct them. In a more recent version, the graphics were drawn, the controls became smooth, and the music was finalized. The best thing about the game is the story. The authors moved the whole story from the cartoon.

one. Duck Tales

Release year: 1989

Duck Tales for many, a favorite game from childhood and causes strong nostalgia. The choice of ease of passing the game is presented from the simplest to the extreme. Regardless of difficulty, the player is given 3 hearts and 2 lives. All the characters are familiar to the players from their childhood: there is Scrooge McDuck, Ponochka and others.

If you want something bright and dynamic, then Duck Tales is definitely worth checking out. Since the latest version (2013) has been improved, it has become more visually beautiful, and if you play on a computer, you can save. It is difficult to say which version is better: the old one or the new one, both are good. As in the old game, in the new game you need to collect coins. At each level, Scrooge meets Miss Claudia, who feeds him sweets to replenish his energy.